The 'Big Boy' of the Baltics, Riga, Latvia

26 images Created 4 Apr 2014

Latvia is currently still undiscovered by the masses and in our opinion is poised to become the continent’s next ‘A-List’ star. It's sometimes hard to believe that this tiny, vivacious nation shed its Russian stranglehold less than 20 years ago because, despite years of intense suffering under Soviet and Nazi occupations, Latvia has a serenity and charm rarely found elsewhere in Europe.
It may still be a country in transition, hellbent on shedding its stalwart old-Soviet image, but the Latvia we see today is enigmatic & buzzing and headed up by the bustling metropolis capital city of Riga. Set on a flat plain divided only by the 500m-wide Daugava River, this fun & funky city is pumping with nightlife, charismatic cobbled streets and marvellous art-nouveau architecture trapping travellers long after their departure dates. It boasts a charming historic quarter and large leafy parks, successfully coupling its toy-town cuteness of steeples and turrets with a thriving restaurant scene, a plethora of candlelit bars and a glitzy and glam nightlife scene.
Refreshingly unpretentious, Latvia, and Riga especially, manages to tantalise even the most jaded traveller. Many arrive expecting little and leave with a sensation they've uncovered some kind of long-buried treasure.
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