Oasi di Galbusera Bianca, Lombardy, Italy

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In the heart of Lombardy, 20 km from Lake Como and 40 km north of Milan towards Lecco lies the very beautiful Oasi de Galbusera Bianca. Its location was carefully chosen by the owners as it is surrounded by an impressive WWF Oasis of Biodiversity made up of the surrounding Montevecchia and Curone Valley. The rustic farmhouse overlooks a 20 hectares wide biodynamic organic farm, a terraced hill country with meadows, woods, vineyards and orchards - the perfect setup for growing all the organic cuisine which is served up daily in their restaurant.

All of the lodgings have been created with a careful attention to detail with beautiful rustic finishes and clever 'up-cyclin'g of materials found on the estate when the development first started. All of the rooms & suites, together with the lounge and restaurant are situated in the ancient hamlet whose routes can be traced back to 300. The owners over the last decade have carefully remodelled successfully following the necessary green building rules and using renewable energies. Our particular favourite has to the 'Falegname' or the Carpenter's room, very charismatic indeed.

This wonderful Oasis offers the chance to return to nature, to live and experience a little piece of green paradise and to get to know some of Lombardy’s artistic and landscape treasures.
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