Cruising the Caribbean

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Cruising the Caribbean. An unforgettable way to 'island hop' the magical waters of the Caribbean. Definitely not everyone's cup of tea but Royal Caribbean Cruises really do 'know the Caribbean better than anyone. After all, it is their middle name' & when it comes to beautiful beaches & sparkling blue waters, the Caribbean really is in a league of its own. There are countless adventures within reach on your cruise holiday. But rather than focusing on the huge choice, variety, luxury & adventure on board such as the Flow rider surf-simulator, relaxing massages & pampering in the onboard Spa, the selection of bars & exquisite dining options & shopping till you drop, this feature focuses more on the adventures to be had once you get ashore. Think of the Caribbean & inevitably you conjure up clichéd images of white-sand beaches & tropical drinks with little umbrellas. With a history built on piracy and sugar, slavery, revolt and colonial identity, the islands support a vibrant mix of cultures. There are cricket players & Rastas, Cuban rebels & lobster fishermen. It's an archipelago intimately tied to the sea & you'll fall under its spell the moment you taste the salt on your skin.

Climb Jamaica's Dunn's River Falls or stroll down the colourful backstreets of Old San Juan in Puerto Rico. Do a jet-ski tour around Labadee in Haiti, a Dolphin Encounter in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula or simply relax and take in some sun at Magen's Bay Beach in beautiful St Thomas. Beneath their tropical paradise settings, these islands are home to a rich culture and complex histories, You'll forever remember seeing your first sea turtle float by and the sensation of grinning with a snorkel in your mouth. You'll climb high peaks whose forests redefine the word 'green,' where tropical birds flit about in flashes of colour and yes, you'll likely have some drinks garnished with little umbrellas as you watch the sunset from a beautiful white-sand beach or on-board at 'sail away time'.
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