Cabanes als arbres, Girona, Spain

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"Cabanes als arbres" offers a unique tree-house experience to all nature lovers and adventure junkies. It was a real pleasure to stay in such direct contact with the trees and the surrounding enchanting ecosystem - The pleasures of an exile among the foliage, as we spent the night in a sustainably designed nest placed delicately in the framework of the branches of a beautiful tree - In our case 'Cabana Pit Roig"

Submerged in an ocean of branches in the northeast of Catalonia, in the county of La Selva, ten comfortable tree houses perfectly camouflaged within the surrounding foliage, each named after oneof the forrest's native birds.

One of the great attractions of staying in a tree house in this enchanting corner of Catalonia, is the feeling of freedom and privacy it offers. Everywhere you look, you feel surrounded by the ease of the chirping of birds, and the murmur of the hidden secrets of the forest.. A truth somewhat misleading, since within a few meters emerges another of these wooden wonders or the country house The Vileta.

The Vileta is a typical Catalan country house equipped with parking, reception, canteen, living room, showers, swimming pool and garden.
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