A Place Lost In Time, Cuba

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The instantly recognizable island of Cuba is one of the most insular islands in the Caribbean. Che Guevara murals and dilapidated American Buicks, old men slapping down dominoes and strumming guitars, queues outside ration shops and communist cadres smoking chunky Montecristos and smiley kids playing in the open doorways of their humble homes. Cuba has a way of going against the grain. It's all part of its historical make-up, part of its dynamism, part of its intrinsic beauty. But In contrast to the celebrated and well-walked streets of Old Havana, I wander along the famous 'Malecon' in search of something different and intriguing. I eventually stumble across the 'Necropolis Cristobal Colon' which contrasts interestingly with the charismatic backstreets of 'Old Havana' and adds another chapter to the this particular feature. A massive graveyard laid out like a miniature city of the dead. After entering through the northern gateway and a short walk amongst bronze statues, octagonal chapels and impressive marble tombstones I notice a small building at the back crudely labelled 'Edificio 1' (Building 1) which stands abandoned and alone, provoking investigation.
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