The Heat & Spice of Marrakesh - Morocco

105 images Created 26 Aug 2011

Maps can't do central Morocco and Marrakesh any justice, and even the best satellite technology can't capture the endless meanderings of the much talked about hidden souqs and back-flipping Gnawa musicians in the legendary Djemaa el-Fna. This is the place to put down the map, get lost, and live a little. Get steamy in a hammam, get cool in a shady riad courtyard, get kitted out in clothes from the souqs and get fat on pastries in the Nouvelle Ville. Somehow, all this vibrant life exists on the edge of the desert. Morocco and Marrakesh especially, exudes Maghrebi mystique, with medina lanes leading endless markets and riads, camels disappearing into the Sahara and an magical energy that will leave you mouth-wide-open and all your senses fully satisfied. Grab a mint tea and enjoy the show.
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